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My wedding photography is intended to capture the most organic, warm and characterful moments of a wedding day. I love creating stunning images, full of style, aesthetic and most importantly real human emotion. Being based in Norfolk means I'm surrounded by beautiful and inspiring locations and venues. From the arty city of Norwich to the tranquil broads, the rustic villages and coastal towns - Norfolk is perfectly suited to my vision. I really enjoy working with people and couples of all types. I'm passionate about being genuine, enthusiastic and open with anyone who comes to me. 

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Oliver Lall
I am a British Wedding Photographer based in Norwich and the county of Norfolk. 

Norfolk Wedding Photography

My goal as a wedding photographer is to tell the story of your day using unforgettable imagery. These are my values around which I tailor my approach...




I  believe the most organic images are the most moving. Candid moments, laughs and smiles are what I'm always trying to capture so that when you look back, you feel is if you we're there yesterday!




As a photographer, I love exploring different views and perspectives. This way I can create stunning and original images that capture a truly unique vision or your wedding.




I don't like being forceful or pushy, it's important for you and your guests to feel relaxed and be yourselves. I always aim to blend in with everyone else too, you may even forget I'm there!


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When it comes down to it, I'm only a small part of your wedding. There are so many people involved in making your day special and believe we should all share the fun equally!


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I created Orchard Lane Photography to be part of something exciting, challenging and purposeful. I'm a creative person with a visual mind and I decided wedding photography as the best area to apply my passion. Thanks to the wonderful people who gave me the opportunity, I've been able to build Orchard Lane Photography as my personal vision for a very special wedding photography experience. 


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"Oliver was amazing from start to finish, not pushy, let the bride and groom dictate what they wanted and had some awesome ideas too."
C&J, September 2017

"Oliver is an excellent communicator and as a result the whole process was enjoyable and stress free. Throughout he impressed us with his confident and caring attitude, and his enthusiasm and passion for what he does shines through in his manner and images."
R&M, August 2017

"From the moment we started speaking to Oliver about our day to the moment he left and sent us the photos, he was exited, attentive and worked tirelessly with us on how we wanted to capture the elements of our day that mattered to us the most. "
E&S, July 2016


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